Sleipnir Mobile for Android is required to use the contents on this site.

Extensions Gallery is the the site for revealing Sleipnir Mobile for Android extensions. We also post information about extensions here.

Extensions are the extension functions for freely customizing your web browsing experience when implemented into Sleipnir Mobile for Android.

Extensions can change web pages in the way you want them to by rewriting parts of a loaded web page.

For example, you can hide unnecessary contents to make the main contents easier to view, or add a download button to a page for downloading files.

There are a variety of extensions available in the Extensions Center.
You can install extension by clicking the [install] button in its particular page.

Installed extensions are automatically executed when the target page has fully loaded.

You can open the extensions management screen by selecting [Manage extensions] in the settings screen.

You can check installed extensions, turn them on and off, and install them from the extensions management screen.

Extensions can be developed in Javascript.
Please take a look at [Extension development] for more details.

We would very much like to release any extensions you have created in the Extensions Gallery.
It is possible to post extensions to the Extensions Gallery.

We will generally post all extensions, but if submitted extensions do not meet the conditions below, we may refuse to post them in the Extensions Gallery.

  • A useful extension for users
  • Not be out of lines with against public order and standards of decency
  • Not be excessively politically or religiously biased
  • Not be out of lines with various laws
  • Regardless of whether directly or indirectly, does not lead to a loss for users
  • Anything else that is not judged by Fenrir inc. to be unsuitable for releasing
Extension development