Privacy Policy

This policy describes how Fenrir Inc. (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) collects and uses personal information through Our website, Extensions Gallery (the “Website”). This policy applies to Website and the like, or to all users who contact Us directly or indirectly.

If you contact Us through a service provided by other companies, We will manage the received information in accordance with this Our stated privacy policy (the “Our privacy policy”; ), provided, however, that Our privacy policies which are separately effective between the user and the services provided by other companies will apply to the use of the services thereby.

If you agree, you are subject to the following policy in addition to Our privacy policy. In the event that the contents of this policy differ from those in Our privacy policy, this policy takes precedence.

1) Collection, Purpose of Use, and Grounds for Use of Personal Information

We receive the following information from users (the “Personal Information”). The Personal Information of the user will be used only for the purpose of use notified to the user at the time of provision thereof or within the scope of the purpose of use listed below, and will not be used for any other purpose without the user’s prior consent. In addition, the personal information will be deleted immediately when its use is no longer necessary.

1. Information We Collect

We collect the following information. The details of the information to be collected are shown as examples in the right columns.

Access information (When you access a server controlled by Us, it will be recorded.)
  • IP address
  • Device information (device identification number, Internet service providers, mobile carriers)
  • Browser information
  • Web browsing status (URL of the access destination)
  • Operating system and system configuration information
  • Time stamp information
  • Cookie information
Inquiry details
  • E-mail address
  • Name (at the time of inquiry)
  • Contents of inquiry
  • Operating environment (OS type, device model name)
  • Current version information of Sleipnir
Account Creation / Account Editing
  • Account Identification ID
  • Account name
  • Account creation date
  • Account update date
  • Web site URL
  • Name of social media service
  • Social media account identification ID
  • Social media account name
  • Social media icon URL
  • Social media follow button display settings
  • Extension identification ID
  • Account identification ID of Extension author
  • Extension creation date
  • Extension update date
  • Extension data
  • Extension category
  • Extension introduction image

2. Purpose of use of collected information (the “Purpose of Use”)

Response to inquiries
Responding to various inquiries
Statutory procedures
  • Investigation and resolution of claims and disputes by Us or users concerning the use of Our services
  • Provision to national agencies or local governments to which it is permitted by laws and regulations
Provision of services on Website
  • To identify users in the use of Website
  • Provision of various functions of Website
Improvement of Website
  • Fixing vulnerabilities in this Website
  • Improvement of the quality and functionality of Website

3. Grounds for Use of Collected Information

We will use the Personal Information based on one or more of the following grounds.

We collect the Personal Information of users based on the consent of the users. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
Responding to user requirements
We collect the Personal Information of users when handling thereof is necessary in order to perform contracts and in order to perform the procedure in response to the requests of users prior to the conclusion of the contracts. Responding to requests from users includes responding to inquiries from users.
Compliance with legal obligations
We collect the Personal Information of users in order to comply with the legal obligations that We must comply with.
Protection of important interests of users or third parties
We collect the Personal Information of users in order to protect the important interests of users and third parties. Important interests of users include the omission of the users’ re-entry effort, the display of the most appropriate contents for the users, and the display of advertisements according to the users’ interests.
Protection of the public interest
We collect the Personal Information of users to the extent necessary to protect the public interest.
Pursuit of the legitimate interests of us or third parties
We collect the Personal Information of users in order to pursue the Our legitimate interests or those of third parties. Our legitimate interests include preventing and detecting fraud in Our services and responding to it, providing customer support, conducting investigations and analyses to improve Our services or security.

4. Use of Cookies, etc.

We may use Cookie on the websites We operate and related websites. A Cookie is a text file stored on your computer system through the Internet browser. By using Cookie, you can save the usage history and entered information between the browser and the server when you use the websites on your computer. By using Cookie, you can optimize the contents and advertisements on Our website.

Users can disable Cookie settings through Our website by using the settings in the users’ Internet browsers.

5.Use of Services of Third Party Companies

We use the services of a third party company to create and operate Website. For further information, please review the privacy policies of each of the following companies.

2)Other Provisions

Everything else is governed by Our Privacy Policy.